College Policies

Each ESF school is responsible for writing and regularly reviewing its own set of policies covering all aspects of the school’s life, routines and procedures.

Policies are informative, working documents which aim to establish excellence in procedures and practice and which educate and empower those that work within the organisation.

On each policy document, the date of the most recent review and the date of the next scheduled review will be recorded so that no policy becomes out of date.

To view a particular policy, please select the required link below. This will open the policy document:

Grace College Policies

GC Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustment Policy

GC Attendance Policy

GC Admissions Policy

GC Anti-bullying Policy

GC Behaviour Policy

GC Careers Education, Information and Guidance

GC Character in the Classroom Policy

GC Communications Policy 

GC Deed of Novation and Variation

GC Discipline policy Addendum COVID 19

GC Homework Policy

GC Online learning policy COVID 19

GC Safeguarding Policy Addendum COVID 19

GC Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

GC SEND Policy 2019-2020

GC Supplemental Funding Agreement

GC Year 7 Catch up Funding

Summary of Safeguarding at GC

ESF Policies

ESF Control of Infections Policy

ESF Collective Worship Policy

ESF British Values Policy

ESF Anti-Bribery Policy

ESF Privacy Notice for Students

ESF Data Protection Policy

ESF Charging and Remissions Policy

ESF Complaints Policy

ESF Freedom of Information Policy

ESF Freedom of Information Procedure

ESF Provider Access Policy

ESF DBS Policy

ESF E-Safety Policy

ESF Records Management and Retention Policy

ESF Statement of Procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff

ESF Whistleblowing Policy

ESF Parent and Visitor Code of Conduct 

ESF Equality Policy

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Overall Spend Summary 2016 – 2017

Pupil Premium Plan 2017-2018

Pupil Premium Policy 2018-2019

Pupil Premium External Review Report 2018-19

Pupil Premium Strategy Plan 2018-19

Financial Statements

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2016

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2017

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2018

Exclusion Information

If your child has been excluded you have the right to make representation about the exclusion to the Governors Disciplinary Committee; you also have the right to request copies of your child’s Academy reports by contacting Mrs C Forrest, Academy Administration Team.

Additional information can be obtained from the following sources: