Thrive is a subject on the curriculum where students work on Maths and English skills whilst developing there personal skills across a wide range of topics. The idea of Thrive is to make students more empowered citizens. Thrive is an enjoyable educational subject which tries to encourage students to be the best they can be and help them develop a variety of different skills.

Year 7 and 8

Autumn Term

Role Models/Charity
Students concentrate on what made a good role model and why. How can being a good role model have a good impact on students life at Joseph Swan. Charity work is introduced as a way of becoming ‘empowered citizens’ with a focus on what we can do to help other people. Students work in conjunction with the Shelter charity.

Spring Term

Reading Rocks
Students work on their literacy skills focused on the story of King Arthur. Students find out how reading in different ways can open doors for them in the future.

7 Wonders of the World
Students look at different Wonders of the World and issues that maybe surround these areas. For example the Taj Mahal, elephants were used to carry materials to build this. Students then discuss animal abuse and what we can do to stop it. A different Wonder of the World and an associated issue is looked at each week.

Summer Term

Exercise and our community 
Students explore exercise and physical activity and plan their own exercise based on their own needs and interests.Students will also look at vandalism in our community and actively will work together on a problem solving task linked to this issue.

World Cup Countries and Cultures
Students will look at certain countries taking part in this year’s world cup and how sport has evolved in their country.