Newcastle Falcons Project Rugby

We currently have Newcastle Falcons Project Rugby running in all Girls Core PE lessons in Year 7 – 9, we have been provided with highly experienced coaches and more recently we have been joined by Orla McCallion and Morgan Passman. Orla is the poster girl for the new Newcastle Falcons Women’s Team and Morgan is currently playing first team for the Falcons. They have both represented England and continue to play at a professional level.

Over the next few weeks will have different Falcons players coming into the lessons to deliver sessions to the girls. 

On top of this we have Orla and Morgan are running the Grace College Girls Rugby team, which is on a Tuesday night from 3.20pm to 4.20pm. Everyone is welcome! This will continue to run into February 

In February Orla is running a festival at Gateshead with other schools, we would love to see as many girls at training so we can put a KS3 team into this tournament. At the festival the girls will be given a t-shirt, meet and greet players and will be provided with food after.

If anyone fancies coming along it is a Tuesday 3.20 – 4.20pm – a very exciting opportunity!!