Year 12 Induction Day at Durham

Year 12 Induction Days

On the 11th and 12th September the new Year 12 students at Grace College were involved in an Induction day visiting the cities of Newcastle and Durham, experiencing their universities and culture.  Below are some student reflections on that visit:

Durham University

All the Year 12 students in Grace College Sixth Form started off the two-day trip experiencing culture and future opportunities in Durham, the beautifully historic city and home to Durham University.  Durham University is part of the ‘Russell Group’ universities making it one of the best in the country, so the opportunity to look around, ask questions and get a sense of what being a student would actually be like was very beneficial to the many students, especially those wanting to explore the possibility of further education after sixth form.

The day started with a talk from one of the staff at Durham University; telling us all about the life of a student, and how this isn’t solely centred around studies and work like so many of us thought it would be. There are in fact many societies at university, in particular Durham’s list seemed to be never-ending, which gave a lot of us the insight of what university would be like and was very interesting to all of us interested in going. However, my favourite part of the visit to Durham was the tour of the city, getting to look at all the different colleges and having a student ambassador there to ask questions to. This was particularly useful for me as someone who has no definitive idea of what they want to do in the future, our student ambassadors were all very cordial and willing to answer all questions we had, which made the trip even better.

The trip definitely made my desire to go to University a lot stronger, especially to a university as remarkable as Durham.

Faith Ramsay- 12 Mailly